Manifest the life you desire - the life you know you deserve…

It is our duty to help uplift personal consciousness by heightening awareness of the third eye. We understand that all people have the potential to manifest their desires into existence, and our shirts function as a daily, wearable reminder. Manifest your dreams in style.

What is the third eye?

The third eye, also known as inner sight, is a magical and mystical concept referring to an imperceptible eye - which, once accessed, gives knowledge beyond ordinary sight. In certain dharmic spiritual practices, such as Hinduism, the third eye points to the Anja, or brow chakra. It refers to a door that leads to inner dimensions and spaces of higher consciousness.

Who are our shirts for?

If you’ve found yourself perusing this page, chances are that knowledge of what the third eye is and what it can do for you has struck a chord deep within your soul. You want to wear your knowledge of inner sight proudly and share this revelation with others. People will ask what it is, and these shirts allow you to openly acknowledge the third eye’s existence.

Our shirts aren’t just for new agers and mystics. Oh, no… They’re for the person who has a profound curiosity and enjoyment of life, who understands that there’s much more in this world than chasing wealth. We intend to remind you and others of life’s infinite potential! What you wear can actually heighten your vibrational energy, did you know that? It really, truly, can... Wearing clothing you connect with can help you transform your dreams into reality by drawing you into your position of power. Your attire is a daily source of renewal and support and gives assistance in manifesting your dreams.

Bringing awareness to others around you about the existence of the third eye can only enhance your life and the lives of others. Now that you know more about our products you can manifest in style! Don’t you think you should take advantage of that?